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    For Fathers Day

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  • Quality Trug Inspired Salad Bowl

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  • Pregnancy Kick Counter Bracelets

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  • Silver Pregnancy Bola

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  • Rowing Boat Salad Bowl

    Gifts for Her & Him

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  • Treasure those special moments

    Pregnancy Gifts

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Unique & Unusual Gifts

Welcome to our website.co.uk

Fairy shiluette with double exposure effect
Velvet City has been brought to life by two great friends, we are both working mums and have come from completely different working backgrounds and lifestyles, but share a love for both receiving and giving gifts!

We at Velvet are excited to bring to you our unique natural handmade gifts. Whether you’re looking for some manly scented candles for him, or a pregnancy gift set / kick counter bracelet to help her celebrate the news, our ideas are endless, as is our excitement and devotion to Velvet and each product.

It is amazing how passionate we have become about what type of wax goes in to make a candle or which cardboard packing box looks best.

We love what we are creating, and our wish to turn dreams into a reality is now coming true!
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